Financial Aid

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Carlisle Christian Academy encourages interested families to apply for a scholarship. Applications are accepted from January 1st through June 30. After that time, requests will be considered on an individual basis as funds are available. CCA scholarships are underwritten by local individuals and businesses as well as the EITC program.


The following guidelines are used to determine scholarship recipients:

  1. Date of application
  2. The maximum household income should not exceed $50,000 with an additional $10,000 adjustment for each dependent.
    • Federal Income Tax Returns are submitted for each adult living in the student’s household
    • Families who fall outside this range may still be considered based on circumstances
  3. Scholarships are awarded based on a formula that compares actual household income to the parameters while considering unique and extenuating circumstances. No student is awarded more than 50% of tuition.
  4. Scholarships are based on available funds.
  5. The Scholarship Committee makes recommendations to the School Board in July.


The first 3 applications are for families seeking need-based assistance in accordance with the CCA Scholarship Guidelines.

Financial Aid Application

K-12 Jump Street Application

2016-2017 Faith Builders Application


**Multiple Child Tuition Scholarship Application

** this application is for all families with multiple children at CCA

and the discount is not combined with need-based scholarships.