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Welcome to the CCA Secondary Announcements Page.

These items are for the 2017-18 school year.

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Don’t delay, start shopping today! Secret Santa started December 11th and ends Dec. 22!

  • Christmas Party info (pds 6-8; 12/22):
    • #1 You can dress down for the day.  Choose clothing that is appropriate in length, fit, etc.
    • #2 The party will start after lunch and will include a few contests:   Ugly sweater, Best decorated cookie and Yummiest cookie (bring from home in a tupperware).  Both cooki

      es should be homemade and the Seniors will be the judges (blindfolded for the taste test).  Cookies may be left with Mrs Tiday Friday morning.  There are prizes.

    • #3 Food and drink may be brought in for the secondary party.  All items should be labeled and left in the kitchen.
    • #4 Feel free to bring in a blanket for the gym floor if you want to sit on the floor for any of the activities.
  • Change to schedule for Human Anatomy next week:

Thursday 12/21 Human Anatomy will meet 7th and 8th period Instead of just 8th)

Friday 12/22 Human Anatomy will meet 4th and 5th (instead of 5th to 8th)

  • Please bring the appropriate clothing (hats, gloves, and coats) to go outside after lunch. If the feel like temperature is 27 degrees or higher, expect to go outside!
  • Now that cooler weather is upon us, it is important to review the uniform policy. Sweatshirts and hoodies are not approved uniform attire. Sweaters are to be worn over the basic uniform and the necklines can be crew neck, v-neck or cardigan (zipper or button).