Sec. Announcements

Welcome to the CCA Secondary Announcements Page.

These items are for the 2017-18 school year

  • Last week’s schedule
    • Tuesday: Normal class schedule, picnic foods provided at lunch (you will still want to pack a lunch)
    • Wednesday: Dress down (see below). Psalm 150 in the morning, some classes (3rd and 4th?) and then activities and picnic till chapel.
    • Thursday: Uniform. Awards in the morning followed by locker clean out.  Students with a note may leave after lockers are clean.
    • Dress down: Students may dress down on 5/30 and may wear athletic apparel.  Dress down clothing should still be appropriate for school and should follow these guidelines:  1. Students should wear footwear they can be active in (No flip flops or sandals)  2.  Shirts must have a positive or neutral message.  3. Shorts should be mid-thigh or longer,  4. No tights, leggings, yoga pants, etc, and 5. No tank tops or spaghetti strap shirts.
  • CCA Graduation is Thursday night, May 31 at 7PM.  Come celebrate our seniors in the sanctuary!