CCA has the potential for four basketball teams, depending on the student body each year and the participation of home schoolers; Middle School Girls, Middle School Boys, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys.   The basketball season runs from November through February. 5th graders are permitted to play on the team with the understanding that their 5th grade year will be a learning year and they may not receive as much playing time as the middle school students.

2017-18 Basketball calendar


106 CCA Bball B Varsity Jerseys 5x7 73 CCA Bball B MidSch 5x7 34 CCA Bball G MidSch 5x7


Middle School Girls

Head Coach: Nadeen Bogonis

Assistant Coach: John Bogonis


Middle School Boys

Head Coach: Rob Sheetz

Assistant Coach: Matt Tuckey


Varsity Boys

Head Coach: Al Brunner

Assistant Coach: Lanny Black