Check the Student Handbook for the complete Uniform Policy

The Basic CCA Uniform

Khaki or navy pants with a navy (or white) polo with no emblem.  The pants could also be shorts/skirt and the polo could be a turtleneck or oxford shirt.  When it is cold out… wear a sweater (not a sweatshirt) that is solid navy or solid white.  Khaki/Navy uniform jumpers and the navy polo dresses are also OK for elementary girls.

🙂  On Friday’s we wear CCA Apparel and khakis   OR   the uniform.

Special Considerations:


The basic uniform

  • No emblems
  • Shoes, socks, & scarves can be any color
  • Leggings should be navy, white, khaki or black
  • Sweaters (when worn) should be over the polo, turtleneck or oxford
  • Wear leggings under skirts


Helpful Information:

Link to FAQ Site

Link to Uniform Suppliers.  You can also find great items at Salvation Army or Volunteers of America where the clothing is organized by color.  Kohl’s is also a good source.  Many CCA families use Old Navy’s online store.