CCA Vision

Art Museum“Carlisle Christian Academy aspires to the following vision for its school community:


  • We envision our campus being located on several acres of property where faculty, students and family are able to come together for sports, creative arts, community events, and fellowship.
  • We envision a facility that will fully accommodate and provide for the needs of our growing student body. This facility will also have space and be designed with community collaboration and adult education in mind. Our desire is that Carlisle Christian Academy will be a leader in innovation, creativity, and community transformation.
  • We envision our students actively leading in their churches and community, demonstrating the values and character of Christ in their daily lives.
  • We envision being a financially sustainable school that is well resourced for the present and for the future.
  • We envision being a Christian School that strives for educational excellence resulting in students fulfilling their God-given purpose and calling.
  • We envision a team of faculty and staff who come together as a team seeking to fulfill the vision of Carlisle Christian Academy through dedication, hard work, and a deep faith and trust in God.”ACSI_Logo_2