Dual Enrollment

Academically advanced juniors and seniors are encouraged to participate in dualenrollment with an accredited college.  Interested students will apply to the college directly.  Here is a link to CCA’s flyer : Dual Enrollment Flyer

Who offers Dual Enrollment?

Carlisle Christian Academy will provide necessary transcripts and signatures. The family is responsible for college related fees, most of which are greatly reduced for qualifying high school students. SAT scores, entrance testing, and GPA are commonly used to assess student readiness for these programs.

Upon request, grades for dualenrollment courses can be entered onto the student’s CCA transcript as an honors course and can count as core or elective credit toward graduation and GPA. The student’s report card from the college should be submitted to CCA within 1 week of the course grade being posted. The family should request both college and high school transcripts upon application to college, even if dualenrollment college courses appear on the CCA transcript.

The following outlines the path to taking college courses while still a high school student at CCA: