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Karl Smith Secondary Science Teacher

I am the CCA Secondary Science Teacher.  God is the reason I am here.  I was picking up books because my daughter was out sick.  I knew CCA was looking for a science teacher and asked, “What would it take to teach science?”.  Apparently, I asked the right person at the right time because I started shortly after that.  Although it was a simple question the path leading to it was long.  I have a very technical background starting with nuclear power on a submarine and a Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree from Penn State.  Next, I married a wonderful woman who is my best friend.  I programmed computers and spent many years releasing software and managing change documentation for engines.  During those years we started a family.

I believe my history and all the choices I made lead me to CCA.  I enjoy science, especially physical science.  I love connecting with students especially when I see the light of understanding turn on during class.  My other interests include science fiction movies, comic books, and dad jokes.  My current family consists of a wonderful wife, spectacular daughter, a dog, 5 cats and 10 chickens.