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Supply List

Kindergarten supplies:
Blunt tip child’s scissors
20 pencils #2
a bottle of craft glue
Big pack of glue sticks
plastic reusable water bottle
Nap mat or beach towel to lay on at rest time
Full set of spare clothing including underwear, socks, and shoes (in case of accidents) in a large zip lock bag with name on it.
2 sets each of crayons, colored pencils, and markers (for before and after Christmas- please put your child’s name on each box) 
4 inexpensive plastic cases to keep supplies organized in the desk -one for crayons, one for markers, one for pencils, one for anything else. Please put your child’s name on each case.
1 container of antibacterial wipes (for teacher to clean desks daily…not for kids)
1 package of unscented baby wipes (for cleaning hands and faces when necessary)
1 box of tissues 
Please do not give your child a personal pencil sharpener for school.
Kids may bring one small stuffed toy for rest time. Please do not allow other toys to come to school. 

First Grade:
Reusable Plastic Water Bottle (if desired, no metal please)
Expo Markers (4)
White Board Eraser (clean sock)
Pencils (24)
Pencil Eraser
Pocket Folder (2)
Crayons (24 pack)
Glue Sticks (6)
3×5 Index Cards (1 pack)
Tissue Box (2)

Second Grade:
Put into a hard pencil case: Please have all items opened and placed into the pencil box before the first day of school.
1 pk of #2 pencils OR black/blue erasable pens (ONLY erasable)
Pencil top erasers
1 pk of colored pencils
1 pair of scissors
2 small glue sticks
1 small sock
2 dry erase markers
Bring to school:
1 ruler
1 box of crayons
3 pocket folders (not plastic)
1 spiral notebook
1 pack of wide rule paper
2 boxes of tissues
1 container of Clorox wipes

Third Grade:
NIV Bible – Old and New Testament
2 large glue sticks
1 pack of at least 24 crayons
1 pack of colored pencils
#2 pencils – at least 24, please
1 pair of scissors
12” ruler with inches and centimeters
sturdy pencil box for supplies
3 folders with pockets (sturdier the better)
1 pack of wide ruled loose-leaf notebook paper
1 one subject wide ruled notebook or composition notebook to use for a journal
2 boxes of tissues
1 container of Clorox wipes (any brand)
Headphones for Chromebook
Dry erase marker – to use for small whiteboards that I will provide
Dry erase eraser

Fourth Grade:
NIV Bible
2 large glue sticks
1 pack of at least 24 crayons
1 pack of colored pencils
1pack of markers
1 pack of #2 pencils
1 small pencil sharpener
1 pair of scissors
2 highlighters of any color
12” ruler with inches and centimeters
2 folders with pockets
1 college ruled composition notebook for a journal
1 pack of college ruled loose-leaf notebook paper
2 one subject wide ruled notebooks
Assignment book with space for each subject for assignments
2 boxes of tissues
2 containers of Clorox wipes (any brand)
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 old shirt for art projects
Headset for Chromebook
Small white dry erase board
Dry erase markers – at least 4 assorted colors
Dry erase eraser
Hard pencil box

Fifth Grade:
Bible – NIV
2 – 1” binders (1 for Bible/Penmanship, 1 for Spelling)
3- 1-subject spiral notebooks with pockets (1 for Science/History, 1 for English/Reading, 1 for Math)
1 pocket folder (for homework – plastic is best to last the whole year)
1 daily planner for school year 2023/2024 (with dates)
pencil box (large enough to hold extra pencils, colored pencils, extra pencil-top erasers, and scissors)
refillable water bottle
pair of headphones
1 dozen pencils
pencil-top erasers
colored pencils
colored markers (smaller tip are best)
2 dry erase markers (two different colors)
1 dry erase board eraser or an old sock
1 pkg. of wide-ruled, loose-leaf paper
1 highlighter
1 blue or black pen
1 container of sanitizing wipes
1 box of tissues

Secondary Supply List
Notebook(s) with lined paper
Binder w/ dividers
Scientific calculator (graphing calculators provided as needed)