Homeschool Participation

at Carlisle Christian Academy

CCA values the participation of homeschoolers. Over the years, families who educate at home have chosen to participate in clubs, class parties, fieldtrips, the school drama and athletics. This guide outlines the steps for homeschoolers who wish to be a part of the CCA school family.

 Fees are current for 2017-2018 school year

Step 1: CCA Enrollment Forms and Registration Fee*

The first step for all students, whether full-time or homeschooled, is to fill out the student admissions form:

Non-Academic: Homeschool Participation Form

Academic: Individual Course Enrollment for Homeschoolers


All families pay a non-refundable registration fee through FACTS. This initial fee covers some administrative/materials costs and is paid through a secure online payment program at  Activity specific fees (below) will also be paid through FACTS. Homeschool families can determine which category best fits their student’s need.  Note: Space may be limited for some activities.

Registration fees:

A  –  Athletics  =  $50

B  –   Parties and Fieldtrips  = $50

C   –  Clubs and the Spring Drama =$50

D  –  1 to 3 Courses   (includes A -> C)  =  $350

* This fee is paid once per year, per student.


Step 2: Activity Specific Fees

A  – Athletics – Yearly  fee is $100 ($50 for athletics, $50 for registration) plus a per sport fee (Sports Physical and Contract required.):

  • Volleyball – $138
  • Soccer – $138
  • M.S. Basketball – $110
  • H.S. Basketball – $150

B  – Parties and Fieldtrips (additional costs apply specific to the trip)

C  – Clubs and the Spring Drama (additional costs may apply for costuming, etc.)

D  – 1 to 3 Academic Courses (includes A -> C)

  • Secondary $685/course (1 Credit)
  • 1/2 and 1/4 credit courses are $361 and $206 respectively
  •  Art, Foreign Language, P.E. and academic courses are available as long as there is space in the class.

All fees are non-refundable and due before the first day of participation through FACTS.